If You Aren’t Getting Enough Leads And Sales From Your Marketing Campaigns, It’s Your Copy

Let This AI-Powered Software Built By Professional Copywriters, Help You Write High Converting And Sales-Generating Copy That Turn Strangers Into Leads And Customers In Minutes

Create All Your Marketing Emails, Video Scripts, Sales Letters And Ads In Minutes. Watch This Video To Learn More

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Hey there,

Lhoussain here,

I am a Computer Programmer and here to provide you with a solution to one of the biggest problems you have in your business. You’re probably asking how I know what the biggest problem is with your business.

Well, I know because it isn’t peculiar to you. 98% of every business running online today is suffering from the same problem.

That problem is CONVERSION, AKA, the ability to turn your visitors into leads and buyers.
And this is what separates businesses that succeed from businesses that fail.

Here’s the truth which most people know,
but fail to admit

Even if you have the best product in the world, if you are not able to convince your potential customers to try it out, then you will struggle to sell. And the only way to convince your potential customers is by the words you write on your sales page, the words written on your email, and even the words said in your video. If they are highly persuasive, drilling down into your prospect’s core problem and innermost desire for solution, then you will win

The problem is that writing such words is an art known by only a few

It’s not like writing articles or blog posts, which are usually meant to educate people on a particular topic.
You need to have a good understanding of human psychology and maybe even hypnosis to be able to write great copy.
And this is why copywriters charge a huge amount of money for their services

So, if you want to convert most of your visitors to leads and paying customers, you have two options:

You either learn how to write words that can do the job of persuading your visitors to act, which could take you a couple of months to master


You hire experienced copywriters who have mastered the skills. Though you should get ready to pay them handsomely for their service, runs in hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on who you are hiring and their experience level.

And if you don’t like any of the options…maybe you don’t have the time to learn copywriting, and you don’t have the budget to hire experienced copywriters, then there’s a third option:


An AI-powered software created by copywriters to help you create high converting and persuasive content for your marketing. By just answering a few questions about your product or service, which will take you few minutes, this software will write all the copy you want in seconds

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It takes just three steps:

Step 1

Choose the type of copy you want to write (takes 5 seconds)

Step 2

Choose the type of copy you want to write (takes 5 seconds)

Step 3

Click CREATE and Saleskingpin will write the copy for you (5 seconds)

The copy you will get will be 95% ready for use. You will just need to read through and add or remove whatever you want, and you’re ready to go

Here Are All The Different Copy Types You Can Write With This Software

High Converting Emails That Your Audience
Will Be Eager To Open, Read, And Click

(Each email it writes for you, comes with multiple subject line options, plus up to 5 follow-up emails in each series)

Product launch email to promote your new products or services

Free trial signup email to convince your free trial users to upgrade to paid level

Upsell email to encourage your software users to upgrade to a higher plan

Prelaunch email to build up expectation for your soon-to-be-released product

Affiliate emails to help you promote other people’s product and get a commission

Re-engagement emails to awaken your inactive subscribers and get them reading your emails again

Value post emails to notify your subscribers of your new blog post, or video and make them to go read or watch it

Request for testimonial email you can use to convince your customers to give you testimonials

Webinar warm up series to use is building up expectation in the mind of your subscribers about your upcoming webinar

Post Webinar emails 2 to use in getting your webinar registrants and attendees who left before your pitch to watch your replay and buy the offer you pitched on it

Request for guest blogging email which you can use in pitching to other blogs to guest post for them

New lead nurturing email to make your new leads to know like and trust you

Post purchase email to show your new customer around and encourage them to use what they bought from you

Cross sell sequence to encourage your new customers to buy another product you have

Cold emails (B2B) to pitch your product or service to a cold audience

Cart-abandonment emails to get those who didn’t complete their purchase of your product to come back

Discount offer emails to use in promoting your discount and time-limited offers

Affiliate Promotion request emails to persuade your existing customers to refer others to you

Webinar invitation emails to use in getting your subscribers to sign up for your upcoming webinar or even

Post Webinar emails 1 to use in getting your webinar registrants and attendees who missed your webinar to watch your replay and buy the offer you pitched on it

Post webinar emails 3 to use in getting your webinar registrants and attendees who attended but didn’t buy the offer you pitched on it

Bounced payment emails to get your customers to fix their payment issues so you can bill them successfully

Sales-Pumping Landing Page Copy That Converts Visitors To Leads And Buyers

Long form Sales letter to convert visitors to your product or service sales page to buyers

Cross-sell page copy to get your new buyers to buy your other complimentary products

Upsell page copy to have every new buyer of your product to upgrade to a higher version immediately

Webinar registration page copy to get most of the visitors to your webinar registration page to sign up for your webinar

Squeeze page copy to convince visitors to your lead generation page to sign up to your email list

Thank-you page copy that gets your new leads to quickly check out your one-time offer

Highly Engaging And Persuasive Scripts For Your Sales Videos

New product launch video scripts to promote your new product through videos

Cross sell video script to convince your new customer to buy another complementary product of yours

Upsell video script to promote an upgrade of your product through videos

Lead capture page video script to get your landing page visitors to opt in

YouTube ad video script to grab the attention of viewers to your offer before they watch their YouTube videos

FB and IG ad video script to get the attention of people scrolling on FB and IG, and make them watch your ad to the end

Re-targeting ad video script to get the attention of those who visited your offer page but didn’t bite, making them to come back and complete the action

Attention-Grabbing Ads That Gets Your Target Audience To Click On It

New product release ad that grabs attention of your target audience

Retargeting (Facebook) ad that forces everyone who left your offer without biting, to go back to it

Lead generation ad (Facebook) to help you get the attention of your audience, and getting them to sign up to your list

New content release ad (Facebook) to get more clicks to your newly released content, whether video or blog post

Webinar invitation ad to get your target audience to register for your webinar

Blogging Assistant To Make Your Blog Writing Easy

Blog title: to help you come up with awesome and SEO article titles that your blog audience will love to read

Blog intro to help you write powerful intro that makes your readers eager to read your full blog post

Blog outline to help you come up with outlines for your next blog copy

Blog summary to help you summarize the content of your blog post for easy indexing and reading

Social Media Content Ideas To Keep Your Followers Engaged To Your Page

New week post: create post to inspire your followers to aim for greatness in the new week

Promotional post helps you create fun and persuasive post that promotes your product or service on social media

Motivational post helps you write motivational contents to encourage your followers to live a better life

Brain teaser post to keep your users engaged on your page

Holiday post to share goodwill message and even promote your products on popular holidays

SalesKingPin Saves You Money,
Saves You Time, And Boosts Your Revenue

How It Saves You Money

A professional copywriter will charge you between $100 – $1,000+ for each copy, depending on the type of copy you want, and the experience level of the copywriter. SalesKingpin will save you the cost by writing practically all the copy types you need for your marketing without costing you anything extra

How It Saves You Time

If you don’t want to hire a copywriter, you will need to spend weeks taking a course on copywriting. A good course should cost you $297 and above. You will also need to invest up to 6 months of constant practice to perfect in the art. If you don’t have this time to spare, use Saleskingpin.

How It Boosts Your Revenue

If you are currently struggling with sales, using SalesKingpin to create your marketing copy will instantly boost your conversion. And with a boosted conversion, you will get more leads and sales, which is equal to more revenue. From your emails to your sales pages and videos, SalesKingpin will help you get more sales and revenue with an improved copy

How It Helps You Build Authority

You can use Saleskingpin to create authority-building follow-up emails for your subscribers. You can even use it to create article outlines for enlightening your audience on any topic within your field. This positions you as an authority. Of course, if your audience sees you as an authority, they will definitely trust and buy your offers

Choose Your Package

Growth Package

$77 One-time

Professional Package

$97 One-time

30 Days Money-Back

Sign up to any SalesKingpin package today, and take it for a spin for 30 days. If it doesn’t deliver beyond your expectation, let us know and we’ll refund you without questions. So, you have absolutely nothing to risk. You either get the full value for your money or get a refund


You’re getting access to SalesKingpin for a one-time fee right now. Other similar software that doesn’t even come close in terms of what it can do for you, charges a recurring fee to use it.
In fact, if you check our home page, you’ll see that we’re offering it for a recurring fee too.
However, once the timer on the page hits zero, we will shut down this page and you’ll be forced to pay monthly to use it. You probably don’t want this.
So, grab the offer now that it’s still available. Once the timer gets to zero, we will close the offer

Best wishes

Lhoussain Ougayour
Founder, SalesKingPin


What Is SalesKingpin?

It’s a software that helps you create practically all the marketing copy you need to convert your prospective customers into leads and paying customers. You’ll be able to write marketing contents that are highly persuasive in minutes, even with zero copywriting experience

What type of copy can it write for me?

You can write almost any type of marketing email you want, any type of video script, ads, and even sales copy for your digital marketing. Go here to see the full list of all the copy types you can write with it

How does it work?

It takes just three simple steps. Choose the copy type you want, answer a few questions about your product or service, and click CREATE. With that, the software will write the copy you need in seconds.

What’s the limit of copy I can create with it?

If you choose the PREMIUM package, you can write unlimited copy with the software.

How long will it take me to create a copy with it?

It takes between 5-10 minutes depending on how long you spend answering the questions about your product or service. If you know your product or service like the back of your palms, then it will take you just 5 minutes in total

What if I buy it, and it doesn’t fit my use case?

That’s not a problem. If the software isn’t a good fit for your type of business, then let us know and we’ll gladly refund you

When is the offer expiring?

As soon as the timer on this page ends, the one-time fee will expire, and your option will be to pay monthly from our homepage

Special early-bird discount expires in…..


We accept these options


Days Money Back

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